What to Expect from the Zest Catering Process

You need your event to go smoothly, and that means you need a catering company with a process that fits your specific plans. Every Cedar Rapids catering company has a slightly different process when it comes to delivering and serving a meal at your event center, so we’ll lay out how Zest Catering Company can help with your Cedar Rapids catering, from finding your best fit to enjoying delicious food at your event.

1. Check out the Zest menu.

Take a look at the Zest Catering menu to find out if our food is what you’re looking for.

2. Reach out for a catering quote.

You can send an online catering quote request here, or you can schedule a time to get your catering quote by calling us at (319)261-0345.

3. Book your catering.

When you book with Zest, we’ll reserve your event date, solidify the menu and set an estimate for how many people will be attending. This is when you’ll pay the deposit to hold your date.

4. Confirm the details.

30 days before your event, we’ll reach out to confirm the details (we’ll need final numbers 14 days before your event). This is when we’ll make any last minute changes to the menu and a final count for how many people we’ll be providing food for.

5. We bring the food, you enjoy your event!

Zest Catering will deliver your delicious meal to your event venue. We’ll set up your buffet or plated meal of fresh, hot and tasty food so you can relax and enjoy.

For buffet catering, we’ll set up the spread on the tables you provide (with disposable plates, napkins, forks, knives and spoons, if chosen to include) while our staff is on hand to replenish any empty containers. Once the meal is done, we’ll pack up any leftovers in containers we provide and store them in the cooler provided by your event venue for you to take home. We’ll then pack up our equipment and leave you to enjoy the rest of your event!

Boxed lunch meals are packaged and then delivered, or you can pick them up. We provide silver or black high quality plastic silverware wrapped with a thick disposable napkin that’s neatly tied up for your guests to easily pick up with their meal.

If you need a plated meal for your event, we’ll meet with you to customize your meal options to exactly what you want. You’ll have the choice to include ceramic plates, silverware and linen napkins (for an extra charge), or you can stick with the included disposable plates and high quality plastic silverware (silver or black) wrapped in a thick disposable napkin with a paper tie to hold it all together. On the day of your event our team will serve your meals and bus tables after, so your enjoyment isn’t dampened by the thought of after meal clean up. Any leftovers will be boxed up by our team for you to easily take with you.

If you have any questions for our team at Zest Catering, reach out to us using our online contact form or by calling us at (319) 261-0345.

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